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Market In-a-Minute November 2023

December 3, 2023

Watch Rob Roquitte, CFA deliver eCIO's monthly market commentary for November 2023

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Dollar Cost Averaging: A Strategy to Help Nonprofits Invest in a Volatile Market

Discover 3 benefits of dollar-cost averaging when funding a new investment account.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Issuing an Investment Advisor RFP

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a questionnaire designed to gather the necessary information to help your organization select the ideal investment partner. Having a well-defined RFP process helps ensure you are asking the right questions to the right candidates and streamlines the selection process.

A Nonprofit's Guide to ESG Investing

Has your nonprofit considered adding ESG to its portfolio? Our newest resource, "A Nonprofit's Guide to ESG Investing" addresses how ESG can be difficult to evaluate and offers 6 tips to help you decide if ESG is right for your organization.

A Board Member's Guide to Investment Oversight

A board member of a nonprofit serves an important role in the oversight and responsibility of the organization. This guide includes 4 key areas board members should focus on regarding the oversight of an organization’s investment program.

How to Evaluate an Investment Advisor's RFP

The goal of the RFP review process is to identify the roughly 2-4 investment advisory firms with the people, process, experience, focus, and fees that offer a match for your organization from the list of advisors who responded to your RFP.

Webinar: A Fiduciary Checklist for your Nonprofit's Investment Committee

A nonprofit's board of directors has a fiduciary obligation to ensure its organization's investment program is being managed in a prudent manner.

3 Key Components of an Optimal Asset Allocation Policy

Should a nonprofit organization with 100% of its assets in cash consider investing in stocks? This is a relevant question as short-term interest rates hover at near zero. The answer? It depends.

Investment Committee Best Practices

Creating an investment committee of qualified individuals helps ensure the board fulfills its fiduciary responsibilities. This guide answers 4 key questions regarding establishing an investment committee including suggested member roles and types.

Get the Most From Your Nonprofit Investment Advisor

One of the responsibilities of a nonprofit board is to manage the organization’s assets prudently. Unless you have someone on staff with significant investment expertise, partnering with an investment advisor is a prudent decision.

A Nonprofit's Guide to Structuring Investment Accounts

Has your organization’s cash outgrown its current spending needs? If so, it may be a good time to put that money to work for your nonprofit’s mission by creating an investment account. Our new resource, “A Nonprofit’s Guide to Structuring Investment Accounts” walks through how to consider the right type of account for your organization.